Video Conferencing - How to Use Video Conference Calling For Business Collaboration

19 Jul

A video conferencing system allows you to create a virtual meeting where all members of your organization can participate. Video conferences have many uses and are used in many different situations. Video Conferencing Definition. Video conferenced is an interactive meeting involving two or more attendees who are involved from several different locations. They usually use video, audio, and internet-based conferencing to connect.

Audio Quality Video: When two or more people speak with clear audio, it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. Imagine being able to talk to your boss, or your clients, or your friends at the same time over great video conferencing. You can also use it to communicate with co-workers, customers, and prospects. Good audio quality can greatly enhance video conferencing. You want great video quality, but you also want clear audio so that others can understand what is being said.

A video conferencing definition will require both audio and video. It's not enough to simply use video. People need to be able to see and hear as well. With some voip phones systems, they even let participants see the screen on a monitor so that they can read what is going on during the call. Other companies use small screens, large screens, and an ability to adjust the volume much higher or lower than normal when the room is loud or quiet.

Video-enabled: Some of the desktop video conferencing systems are set-up to allow for just one device for audio and video. Others require that each participant to have their own set-up. So, if you have a large group, each person may have his own computer that he or she plugs in. Some desktop video conferencing systems can be set-up so that there will only be one monitor on at a time. So, if you have a large conference and need to look at several monitors, this option might be better.
Video-enabled conferencing systems also have different options for video and audio. 

This means that you can have two audio calls at the same time. Or, you can have three audio calls at the same time. Most of the desktop video conferencing systems will let you do as many video calls as needed while on the system. However, you may need separate software for this.
Web collaboration: With most video conferencing systems, you are able to use webcams so that everyone in the room can see what is going on. Because of this, you can get a live video conference feed into one location. You can then use web collaboration tools like whiteboards and electronic spreadsheets to make sure that everyone sees the same information at the same time. When people interact with one another online, they are much more likely to remember what they were talking about when they met face to face. This can help you reduce communication mistakes by making it easier to work together as a group. 

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