The Basics of IP Telephony

19 Jul

IP telephone systems have revolutionized how communication takes place in the digital world. What used to be reserved for the private communication of large businesses is now available for the general public. Small businesses can now take advantage of these systems to compete with larger corporations. Many small businesses are actually one the phone systems themselves. These IP telephones can be found in cafes, restaurants and offices around the region.

SIP trunks are basically virtual phone lines for your company. There are many advantages to using an IP telephone systems over a traditional telephone system. A SIP Service provider offers long distance and local calling services that use VoIP technology to significantly reduce your call costs. VoIP has not been popular due to the high costs involved, but by getting an IP telephone system, businesses can enjoy the same communication line benefits as larger companies without having to pay for these high service fees.

IP telephony utilizes your existing internet connection to send and receive calls. These ip pbx system are usually found in offices that have access to the internet. The SIP service provider offers a dedicated number to your office, which is forwarded to your IP telephone. The difference between an internet phone and an IP telephone is that the internet phones are able to make calls anywhere in the world, whereas the IP phones only work within the area which they are assigned to. An IP phone has a unique number assigned to it, which is only given to that office.

An IP business phone system offers you a number of different options. Business phones that are offered through the internet protocol provide a feature-rich business phone system with voice mail, call waiting, conference calling, and other features that would be very expensive if offered through a traditional phone system. Business voip phones are also available with video conferencing, which means that you can conduct meetings, trainings, or even parties from your office. If you have a lot of people coming to your office for meetings, and you want to ensure that each of them is able to get a chance to speak with one another, the IP telephone systems offer options for VoIP video conferencing.

Another popular use for IP telephone systems is for businesses that offer VoIP service to their clients. Internet Protocol can be used to transfer voice traffic over the internet, which allows you to provide quality service to your clients. Because VoIP uses your internet protocol address to identify yourself to the server, it makes it much more difficult for someone to monitor your phone calls. This is different from standard phone service, which will make it easy for someone to tell who is calling and also to determine how many times someone has called.
For those who are concerned about the rising costs of regular phone services, IP telephony offers a viable alternative. You can use an IP telephone system to make international long distance calls for a lower cost than regular phone lines would be.

 In addition, you can use IP phones to make local calls as well, while still being able to take advantage of the same features that other conventional devices offer. You can use your IP phones to make conference calls, set up meeting times, and even use the internet as a tool to help with business transactions as well as making and receiving sales calls. 

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